About Us

The 3MenStudio is a leading specialist in online game hosting. Our varied cloud technology powers some of the world’s biggest online games. We have 4+ years of experience in this industry and achieving more and more success. We have achieved 4 lakh+ downloads globally. Our expert and dedicated team of gaming specialist cater ceaseless monitoring and support to make sure players across the world get the best online gaming experience.

Why to choose us?

3MenStudio serves to host different games such as unity 2D/3D, VR/AR game, android games, and simulator games by using the latest technology. This includes unity technology, which is the creator of a versatile and high-performance end-to-end development platform. It is effective graphics engine and full-featured editor helps to create beautiful games and easily bring them to abundant platforms like mobile devices, home entertainment systems, personal computers and more. Further, we have a highly skilled and talented team that always available to help you.

We focus on creating an ambience of support and friendliness amongst all employees.

Our Key Features

  • Availability of highly educated and experienced talented team
  • We provide 24/7 operational facility
  • Online airy video surveillance
  • Personal video camera at each resources studio
  • Boundless internet lines
  • Whatever your requirement in gaming industry, 3MenStudio is the best option. We provide end to end solutions for gaming.

Our Strength

Years Experience
Successful 5 years and going on
More than 40 games live on stores
Lakh Downloads
Achieved more than 1Million downloads overall

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